Law: Ames Debrief

April 16, 2008

Today was Ames.  There was a little bit of stress stemming from my partner not showing up, but I legitimately understand how she could have made the mistake she did and at this point I just feel bad for her. 

On the plus side, Ames is done and it was 100% painless.  There was a point in the middle where I believed I might have made a mistake and told a judge he was wrong, but opposing counsel agreed with my interpretation so all was fine.  Overall I thought things went well.  The judges asked a lot of questions and although they didn’t agree with my initial position they were an almost impossible read given the fact that they peppered both sides with many many questions.  They seemed to take it as a given that a majority of circuits were incorrect. 

I won’t be winning best oralist, but I didn’t embarass myself.  In an scarey and odd turn of events, I must say that I believe if a group of people I generally enjoyed came up and asked me if I had any interest in participating on their Ames team, I would be strongly tempted to say yes.  Then again, its easy to say that now when 2L year looks like gumdrops and cupcakes from where I’m currently sitting. 



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