Law: Da Bears

April 16, 2008

This post doesn’t get a category.  It just doesn’t. 

This week the NFL released its schedule for the 2008 football season.  The prime time games are no suprise – a steady diet for 5 Patriots and 5 Chargers games along with a bunch of Cowboys and Colts games.  I can’t really fault the NFL for that, as the difference between teams from year to year gets more and more drastic, it makes sense to go with the small amount of teams that have done it and done it in impressive fashion. 

Additionally, there is a lot of talk about the curse that hangs over the team that goes to the Super Bowl and doesn’t win.  God knowns Chicago Bears fans talked about it so much I almost missed the unexplainably obnoxious Boston fans threw up.  I cannot express in words how much I hope this curse holds true this year.  I’m stuck in Boston with what can only be described as the worlds most self-entitled sports fans (this will be another non-law related post soon) so at least I can see them remember what its like to be where they belong on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

That wasn’t what my post was actually about.  This post was actually geared towards the Bears schedule.  I looked at the schedule and I couldn’t help but think:  “Has there ever been a Bears season/schedule that seemed to be flashing so boldly and brightly that this is an 8-8 season?”  I’m not saying I know this team will finish 8-8, I’m saying when you think about the squad and you look at the schedule, it realy seems like an 8-8 season is right around the cornor.

First, we have the dreaded 3 game road trip.  Additionally, we get the joy of the Colts, Jags, and Titans.  Yey.  Even the Texans/Saints seem like games that will be a challenge.  The only games that I look at right now and say “we should be a favorite” are the matchups with the Falcons and the home game against the Lions. 

Given the fact that I’ll be hanging out in Milwaukee this summer (not that I ever need a reason to say the next sentence), I hope we can beat up on the Packers too, but that will depend on Mr. Rogers.


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