Law: Plan of Attack

April 27, 2008

Last semester I came to the realization that the most important part of preparing for finals is a good plan of attack.  I have never had the best work ethic when compared to my peers.  I work harder now than I ever did before, but I don’t work as hard as the hardest workers here.  I would say I am in the 30th percentile in terms of how hard I work.  This means that for me, more important than any other element of finals is determining how I want to study for a class and what I think I need to know.  In undergrad, this was VERY easy.  I would go through the note, make one sheet of paper front and back of things I didn’t know, and I would memorize it.  A little bit of quizzing myself later and I was ready for the exam. 

Today I started to think of how I want to appoch these things.  Last semester my plan was simple – buy a commercial outline, read through it and combine it with another students outline from the class, then memorize that document.  This semester the approach is different, mainly because I only have one class that has commercial outlines available.

As of now, here’s the plan.  Next week monday and Tuesday, I’ll study my butt off for my Wednesday in-class exam.  Then from Wednesday to that next saturday (three full days) I’ll bust my butt to get ahead for my last final (basically make the outline).  After that, its two days of makin a K’s outline and four days of dedication to getting ready for my admin test (outline and reading a horn book).  Then take the admin, review the K’s for a day, take theK’s, review the last class, and take that final.

How will this work in real life?  I have no idea, but I’m hoping for the best


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