Med: End of the year

May 24, 2008

OK guys, I’ve gotta apologize…again.

My schoolyear ended on May 7th, but I hadn’t written anything else since then. I’m going to try and get better.

The main reason for this absence is pure burn out. After the year ended, I wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with medicine for a little while. And though I do feel the same way right now, I feel a slight foray back into the blogging world is acceptable.

As you may be able to gather, our finals week[s] were pretty much hell on earth: SEVEN exams in 10 days, including two cumulative final exams in anatomy and histology. All in all, I’d say my results were mixed. On the one hand, I did PASS everything so I need not worry about any retake exams this summer–MAJOR plus. On the other hand, some of the exams really left me disappointed in myself.

I was really struggling there at the end of the semester. My brain started checking out of the whole “school” thing roughly 3 weeks too early, and finals involved a lot of mad scrambling/cramming on my part. This worked for some classes (missed Honoring Brain & Behavior by only one point), while proving to be an epic failure in other classes (Only passed the microbiology final by one point, though I still passed the course by plenty).

The major bright spot in my final exams was the anatomy cumulative final. In both anatomy and histology, I was in good shape heading into the exams: It was impossibile for me to fail the course (I had enough points to pass), but even a 100% wouldn’t be enough to get me to Honors level. This fit right in with my “brain shutting down” schema, so I went into both of these exams cold turkey.

I know, sounds crazy right? But hear me out. Especially in anatomy, a LOT of the questions have to do with having an intuitive sense of the makeup of the body (What goes where, what’s behind structure X, etc). Sure, I could have crammed the exam, but instead I chose to see what I knew WITHOUT studying (and therefore, I wanted to find out just how much was actually INGRAINED in my brain vs. simply crammed). My friend told me I was just rationalizing laziness–and perhaps she was somewhat right–but it was a risk I was willing to take since I had that luxury.

And guess what? I scored in the 77-79th percentile nationally. Spectacular? Perhaps not…but still a major confidence boost for me considering I did not even study for the exam. In my mind, this bodes well for the future board exams–the anatomy component, at least.

Which is good…because I’m going to need that extra time to study the classes I managed to fuck up this semester.


One Response to “Med: End of the year”

  1. dsalyer said

    There were many times during my pharmacy school career that I had good enough grades going into the final that it was impossible to fail, but yet still unable to ace the course. Nothing wrong with going in cold turkey. I’ve always believed that by the end of the semester you should know (and remember) pretty much everything that essential; thus, there is little need to cram..rather a slight refresher is the better option. Good luck to you.

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