Law: OCI Orientation

September 3, 2008

Today marked a turning point in my year in two ways.  First, it was the last day before classes begin at HLS, which means my summer is no officially over.  Sad day.  Additionally, today also marked the beginning of the job search season.   If you are Harvar Law School, how exactly do you signal the beginning of the job search season?  Simple.  By holding a MASSIVE Pep Ralley informational session in the school gym the Ames Courtroom to talk about how awsome your school is compared to everybody else explain the basics of how the job search works, what the rules are, and how to conduct a search in addition to also calming down students who realize the economy is in the crapper.

To sum up today’s meeting in a single sentence:  We are all on a first date eating fish on a train that cannot be stopped which is currently passing over a series of three year bridges, under which there is a stream connecting a big and small pond. 

Needless to say, the presentation was metaphore-tastic.  Anyway, instead of rehashing the job search details, which is boring as hell, I’m going to note the five things I will most remember from this program:

1.  Harvard Law students get jobs in bad economies, other schools not so much (according to OCS).

2.  The ability to use a computer to place bids and upload a resume is the single most important skill in job searching at HLS.

3. Its a lot easier to search for a job at a big firm and make 160K (or 120, 135, or 145K depending on the market) than it is to work for the government and make 45K.

4. If you don’t care about your search and go with the flow, you will end up in NY with both less free time and less money…. sad.

5. Even after 1L is over, people still cling to their section socially, awkward.


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