Law: 2L Firm Reception Reivew -A&O

September 4, 2008

Tonight was the first firm reception of the 2L season and I must say, the firm starting the year on a bad foot.  Tonight’s host was A&O,  “Magic Circle” firm with a HEAVY international slant.  If you didn’t know that going in, don’t worry, they mentioned it about 80 times in the 40 minutes I was there.  Before I go through the normal categories, I want to voice one general thought about these types of events:  NO TALKS!  Seriously.  Every once in a while a firm thinks they need to give a little speech (or usually a series of little speeches) to make these things worth it.  Not so.  Just have people hang out, drink, and eat.  It will be better for everybody.  I have yet to see a firm that said one useful thing in a speech.  They all follow the same path:  A partner tells you you can do whatever you want and that the firm is special, then a junior associate talks about all the early responsibility, somebody else promises cutting edge deals (usually with an example) and they conclude by talking about client contact and say you should think about them.  Wow, great job guys… oh wait….. no, boring.  Anyway, on to the normal categories:

Food:  Worst. Food. Ever.  There was table that looked like it was set up for by people that hate meat.  Sushi plus grilled veggies and hummus…. what selection.  Earth to firm, some people like meat. Later on they had a short tray pass, wild mushroom puffs (passable) and bacon wrapped scallops (very good, but should have been on the table). 

Booze:  Boarderline worst ever.  Wine and beer only, low end general stuff.  VERY CHEAP, not very fun.

Venue:  The only cool part about this reception.  The event was held at the Harvard Faculty Club, a neat little place with a lot of history that seemed pretty impressive.  The space was big and open, definately no crowding, but the fact that very few people came might be a part of that.

Attorney Contact:  NONE, this part was great, but then again, I was only there for 20-30 minutes.

Swag:  Gum and sharpies…… blah.  Actually…. super blah.  I may chew the gum, so it beats pens, but still….. lame.

Overall I give this reception a 1 out of 5, worst one yet.


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