Law: Bidding

September 9, 2008

Yesterday I submitted my bids for OCI this comming year.  Thankfully our school doesn’t screen which means that we are in the somewhat fortunate position of being able to select who we want to have the chance to at least meet.  The drawback is, firms have to do a day of interviewing kids they had no say in interviewing.  Based on my job search goals and the number of bids we have (35) I allocated my bids according to the following formula. 

22 Bids: Every firm in the city I want to work in with the exception of the IP shops and the real estate only firm (I can’t even pretend to like real estate). 

3 Bids:  Las Vegas firms.  If I’ve got extra bids, I might as well use them.  At least here if I do manage a callback I get to spend a night in the most fun city on the planet.

2 Bids:  San Diego.  See Las Vegas and add the fact that its less clear that my interest in San Diego is fake compared to my “interest” in Vegas.

1 Bid:  A consulting company.  I want to see what a consulting interview is like, this seems like the chance.


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