Med: Experimenting with [Lack of] Attendance

October 15, 2007

Hey friends,

Please excuse my lack of participation lately…but I did warn that this would probably happen. Anyway, we had our biochemistry final today worth 45% of our grade. All we have left in that class is a 5% “Clinical Correlations” project that I may or may not do–it really just depends on how the final went. If I could potentially honor the course by doing it, then I will. If I scored too low on the final to even have a chance at honoring–or scored high enough to guarantee it–then I probably won’t take the time. Irresponsible? Perhaps. But time is at a premium these days.

Not completely sure how they exam went. I mean, i did BUST MY ASS this weekend to prepare…and it may have been fine. But the studying and exam experiences were not quite as positive as before–a fact that I directly attribute to my experiments in skipping class.

During orientation, we’re flooded with tons of class-attendance strategies: some people never miss, some never go, most are in-between. The past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with “skipping class in order to get adequate sleep, read my textbooks, and stay ‘caught up.’ ” Well, I managed to fall behind anyway…and didn’t have class experience to show for it. And studying for biochem was EXTRA rough because I was seeing the material FOR THE FIRST TIME just a day or two before the exam–bad place to be. That experiment is over and I will be returning to class tomorrow morning. To quote my close friend: “You were doing really well when you WENT to class…why the hell did you stop?” Well, when you put it that way, it makes no sense at all. 🙂

Although I must say…histology is NOT a part of this rebirth of class attendance-ness. I still won’t go to that POS class.


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